Outgrown Your Gauged Ears? Dr. Amy Brewster can fix them!

February 19, 2014

What is ear gauging?

Ear gauging is similar to piercing, except that the lobes are stretched to accommodate a wooden, metal, or plastic plug. This trend is somewhat common among teens and 20-somethings. The holes can be small or stretched quite large. Unfortunately, most teens don’t realize that this body modification is essentially permanent.  Depending on the size, sometimes the holes may shrink, but it is very unlikely that they will close up entirely. This can make it difficult for young adults who are trying to find a job and look professional.

How are gauges fixed?

Fixing gauged ears is a very simple process that is done in our office under local anesthesia in a calm soothing atmosphere. The procedure usually takes about 30 minutes per ear. The surgeon will reshape the ear by using a complex closure. Unlike some doctors who simply remove the stretched part of the ear, Dr. Brewster does her best to return the ear lobe to its most natural-looking appearance. The patient usually leaves the office with just a few stitches in the earlobe which stay in for about a week and instructions on how to take care of their newly closed earlobes.

How much does this procedure cost?

This surgery is performed in our office for $900. This includes the cost of the sterile equipment used and Dr. Amy’s expert construction of the ear to give it the best possible shape.

This procedure is a simple and quick surgery for anyone with gauges wishing to have their original ears back. Consider Dr. Amy Brewster if you are looking into surgery to fix your gauged earlobes!

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